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Basement Finishing Contractors

Basement Finishing Contractors Near me, Ontario

In order to determine what kind of basement finishing contractors you’ll need for your home, you’ll need to determine a few things first. We’re asking you a few questions so we can bring you the best for the job.

Why are you remodeling your basement?

If you want the best contractor to help you with the remodel & finishing of your basement, you’ll need to provide the most details possible. Are you looking to finish and unfinished basement or are you finishing a partially finished basement already? You might also want to redo the whole thing and update your basement’s look or fix water damage.

Do you have existing plans?

While you don’t have to have plans right now, it’s a good thing to know a little bit what you want and needs in your new basement. If you have no idea, no worries, there are plenty of people willing to make suggestions to you in order to make your basement look great again. On the other hand, if you already have plans, you’ll need the best basement contractor.

How many rooms are there in your basement?

The number of rooms you want to improve and finish will influence the amount of work required to complete the job. Are there any bathrooms to finish? These will require more time than bedroom or storage rooms per example.

What is the approximate square footage of the basement?

How big is the area you need to be finished or partially finished? Are there any walls yet or you’re starting from scratch from a rough basement? Make sure you tell the guys if it’s a 1,000 sq. ft. home or a 5,000 sq. ft. mansion!

What basement rooms will you be adding or replacing?

Will you be building new walls or taking down existing ones? Make sure you let the basement finishing contractor know where you stand to get the most precise quote possible.

What features will you be adding or replacing?

Are there any specials things you want to add in your new basement? Try to add integrated lighting fixtures, brick walls, and an office. You can also consider adding a playground for your kids, bar (not for your kids), den, wine cellar, a ping-pong or pool table, extra storage, studio, brewery, kitchenette, home theater, laundry room, art studio, gym, sports memorabilia museum or even a pool if you own a very, very large house!

Will any of these features be relocated?

Anything mentionned above might be something you already have but want it somewhere else? Sometimes, creating a new space is easier than moving one so make sure you discuss all details with your basement finishing contractor. Do you need to move outlets, switches, lighting or heating and cooling vents?

Will you need the basement painted?

Do you need any part or the whole basement painted? Are you going from dark to light colors or vice-versa. This will have a great influence on the time it will take to get the job done.

Will you provide all necessary materials and parts?

Are you the one buying the materials or the contractor has to buy them. If you’re able to a good part of them in advance, you might save a few bucks. Do make sure you’re not interferring with the work of the contractor of choosing poor quality materials. If you need assistance and guidance, make sure you tell your new partners!

Approximately how old is your property?

The age of the property is a huge factor to consider when remodeling or finishing a basement. The components inside these walls such as eletrical & plumbing might have a few surprises for you so make sure you’re prepared for every curveball your house may throw at you. If you need professional help to estimate, please discuss this matter with the contractor.

Is this project covered by an insurance claim?

Is the refinishing of your basement because you had water damage? That might influence your capacity to choose the contractor that’s going to do the job. Make sure you check with your insurance company before moving forward. What’s the stage of the insurance claim? Is is approved or pending approval?

What type of property do you have?

Are you looking to improve the basement of a brand new home or an ancestral home with 6 ft. Is it a single-family home, multi-unit, office or commercial building?

When do you need basement finishing?

Do you need the job done quickly or are you looking to do the work in a couple of weeks/months?  If you’re looking for someone as soon as possible or on a particular date, specify it when posting your task.

Anything else the basement finishing contractor should know?

Did we forget something? Provide the most details to save time & money on your next basement finishing project.

Where do you live?

Make sure you don’t forget to let them know where you live, at least on the first occasion. It will be much easier for them to find your home if they have your address!

Add photos if you can

When posting a task by clicking the link below, please make sure you insert the most pictures possible so the people reviewing your project can estimate and help you in the best manner.