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Hire the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Find Bathroom Remodel Contractors near you

In order to determine what kind of contractor you should hire for your bathroom remodel near you, you’ll need to be ale to answer a few things first in order to save time and money.

Why are you remodeling your bathroom in the first place?

If you want the best contractor near you to complete the job, they will have to know if you’re looking to do simple repairs or major replacements. Are you eyeing some upgrades to fixtures or major bathroom components or a full strip & rebuild?

What kind of work would you like done?

You’re in luck because there’s full of good contractors around you but knowing what you want to replace or upgrade is key. Make a list of things you’ve seen and like in magazines or on the web. You can update the whole bathroom’s look, replace bathroom furniture fixtures, change the bathtub, upgrade your shower, add heated floor or simply make the new bathroom bigger.

What kind of bathroom are you remodeling?

The contractor will need to know what bathroom you’re looking to improve. The master bathroom is often the most popular upgrade as we spend a great deal of time there. The family bathroom & half toilets, shared by everyone, are usually great to upgrade. It looks great for us, and for the guest on the weekends.

What type of property do you have?

The size and number of bathrooms will vary greatly wether you live in a house, condo, appartment or if you’re looking to improve your office or business’ bathroom(s). Also keep in mind that you may have to pay a premium price for commercial buildings.

Approximately how old is your property?

Are you living in a brand new home or is it aging quickly? The reason why this is very important is that plumbing has changed a lot in the last 100 years. You will want to give the most information possible prior to the contractor’s visit. This way you’ll save lots of time and money over the unexpected.

What is the approximate square footage of the bathroom?

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, great things can be achieved.

What bathroom furniture and fixtures would you like replaced?

The most popular fixtures to be replaced are the shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, tiling, counter, vanity, lights, fan and faucets. All things can make the bill run up quickly so make sure you budget and plan for extras. This is not a place you’ll want to cheap out as you’ll be using these a lot but it will also have an effect on resale value.

Will any of the plumbing fixtures be relocated?

This has to be one of the most complex part of it all, especially if it’s a bathroom located in the basement. Plumbing might be tricky to move and some reconstruction might have to take place. Just be weary of that.

What fixtures, if any, would you like the professional to purchase?

Are you buying the fixtures yourself or are you giving the task to the contractor? While you may save a little bit of money doing it yourself, know that you might accidentally buy something that will give them a hard time. Fitting everything to the existing bathroom can be challenging. Make sure you have a discussion with them prior to buying these.

Do you have existing bathroom plans?

This is a great thing to do before starting. Having plans drawn up will give you a clear path of things to do in the next few days/weeks. If you don’t, do not worry, these guys are here to help.

Is this project covered by an insurance claim?

Is the refinishing of your bathroom because you had water damage? That might influence your capacity to choose the contractor that’s going to do the job. Make sure you check with your insurance company before moving forward. What’s the stage of the insurance claim? Moreover, it the work approved or pending approval?

When do you need bathroom remodeled?

Planning in advance is key, but you might also be sick of your current bathroom and we don’t blame you.

Anything else the contractor should know?

Did we forget something? Provide the most details to save time & money on your next bathroom project.

Where do you live?

Make sure you don’t forget to let them know where you live, at least on the first occasion. It will be much easier for them to find your home if they have your address!

Add photos if you can

When posting a task by clicking the link below, please make sure you insert the most pictures possible so the people reviewing your project can estimate and help you in the best manner.