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August 10, 2017
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Checklist: How to plan your moving day

Moving Checklist Planning checklist

Make your life easier next time your move by following these steps:

6 weeks before – Hire your mover:

Hire a local mover
Discuss your packing and storage needs
Discuss any fragile items you might have
Discuss the size of your move (it’s usually helpful to compile an inventory list)
Discuss payment (some movers require a deposit, some only take cash)

4 weeks before – Get organized:

Complete your change-of-address form
Create a floor plan for the furniture in your new home
Decide which items you want to sell or donate
Notify your mover of any special needs (e.g., special packing materials for delicate items)

2 weeks before – Clean your home:

Hire a move-out cleaner to ensure your home is sparkling (e.g., clean stove, refrigerator, freezer)
Donate items or have a yard sale if you are getting rid of stuff
Discard perishable food and any food items you’re not taking
Collect boxes and packing materials if you plan to pack yourself

1 week before – Finalize the details:

Call your utility companies to ensure utilities at your old home will be disconnected
Call the moving company to confirm your move date, time, and any special needs
Start packing items and be sure to clearly label all boxes
Set aside any boxes of special or fragile items you want to transport yourself
The day of the move
Greet your movers upon arrival and brief them on your needs
Make sure everything is loaded on the truck
Do a final walk-through before leaving to ensure all your boxes are out
Turn off all lights and ensure all other utilities are off (e.g., HVAC, water)
Close all blinds and lock windows and doors
Leave any special keys or garage door openers for the new owner
Meet your movers at your new home
Check that your items are intact and that there are no dents or scrapes
Pay your movers for a job well done

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