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Deck Staining Contractors near you

In order to determine what kind of deck staining contractors you will need for your home, you’ll need to determine a few things first. Here are a few questions so we can bring you the best for the job.

What material is your deck or porch?

If you want the best contractor to help you with the staining of your deck or porch, you’ll need to provide the most details possible. One of the most important details is the material the deck is made of. The most common choices are: wood, composite, aluminium, concrete or pavers. The material will impact the type of stain to be applied and the tools used for the job.

What is the size of your deck or porch?

Another important information to provide to a future contractor in your area is the size of your deck. Usually to make it easier decks sizes’ can be of 3 categories: small (1-150 square feet); medium (150-300 square feet) and large (300-500 square feet). This will of course impact the price of the deck staining (due to: quantity of stain; number of hours spent by your contractor).

Approximately how old is your property?

The age of your deck will impact the number of layers of stain required. When talking to a contractor make sure you advise if the the deck is less than 10 years old, between 10-50 years old etc, or simply if you require professional help to determine the age.

Would you like to add photos of the deck you need stained?

If you want to avoid confusion and make sure you get the best quote, add a picture of your deck! This will allow the contractor to have a clear idea, and give you the chance to trust your contractor!

When do you need deck staining?

As the summer is approaching, make sure to provide a clear timeline in order to make sure only the contractors who have availabilities are contacting you.

What features will you be adding or replacing?

Are there any specials things you want to add in your new or existing deck? Maybe you need to replace some parts of it.

Anything else the deck stainer should know?

Did we forget something? Provide the most details to save time & money on your next deck staining project.

Where do you live?

Make sure you don’t forget to let them know where you live, at least on the first occasion. It will be much easier for them to find your home if they have your address!

Add photos if you can

When posting a task by clicking the link below, please make sure you insert the most pictures possible so the people reviewing your project can estimate and help you in the best manner.