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Why should you get your house cleaned by professionals?

There are many reasons why you should opt for house cleaning.

You’ll find comfort in coming to a clean home more often, spending more quality/down time and regain joy in inviting people over at any time.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably close to taking one of the best decision of your life.

You’re about to spare some time to spend more time around your kids, friends, family or doing things you really love.

Truth is, not a whole lot of people enjoy crouching over the toilet and clean up a mess. Can you believe that?


What if you didn’t have to plan house cleaning anymore?

No more arguing over who’s doing what part this week (if it’s a teamwork to begin with).


Professional cleaning people are quicker than you, deal with it

Professional cleaners will take care of your home way faster and way better than you.

That’s a fact. What will take you 2 hours to do will be done in 1.

So if you think the best maid services are expensive, think again.

We’ll cover the costs a bit later.


Take your weekends back

We spend countless hours at work, taking care of the kids, dinner, lunches & random events in our lives.

The last thing we should do is spend a chunk of your weekend wiping the floor and removing cat hair from your sofa.

Screw that. There, it’s been said.


The more stuff you have, the more cleaning

Unless you’re living a minimalist lifestyle, many people in this area own houses full of stuff they don’t use everyday.

To do a proper cleanup, you must take care of every detail.

Cleaning pros are spending 40 or 50 hours a week, you know they got their own tricks to speed up things.

They don’t clean for appearances

Too bad if you’re trying to get your teenager to learn hard work, at least things will really be clean.

No “fake cleaning” as we call it.

Set the expectations right with your house cleaning company the first time and watch them do wonders.

If it’s not the case, switch maids until you find the right fit with you.


Who should you hire to clean your house?

Did you know the question “Who should clean the house” is Googled thousand times per month in Canada?

This might be a conflict source in our households.

Should it be the wife, the husband, the kids that clean? NOPE.

You should hire cleaning services near you and leave it alone.

Never tried it? You won’t go back.


Hire professional cleaners near you

We strive to make your life easier by connecting with local house cleaning services available for hire.

When you use our site, we send alerts to many businesses around you to make sure you get the most requests.

This way, you can connect with the cleaners & maid services of your choice and see who’s the best fit.


Consider the type of house cleaning services you hire

You can hire all kinds of companies, there’s a good chance you can compare between more than one in your city.

Some are part-time cleaners looking for work, others are professional businesses that work and teams hiring tens of people.

You have to weight the pros and cons of each.

The kind of cleaning business they are will have an effect on the quality of the work, as well as the price of course.

Some will charge by the hour, others will charge per visit after evaluating the amount of work required each time the come by.


Consider the type work you need done

Speciality is key when choosing a house cleaning company. Some cleaners specialise in condo cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, office cleaning and so on.

On the other hand, some maid services are finding a growing niche in eco-friendly cleaning and pet-friendly cleaning.

Do you really think those powerful products we wipe our floors with are good for your furry friends? Think again.


What should you look for when choosing house cleaning services?

So here’s a list of the top questions to should ask your local house cleaning company:

  1. How do you determine your rate?

    Some cleaning services will prefer charging by the hour for the service while other will be able to quote a flat rate for weekly or monthly visits.

    First get an estimate on how long it will take for them to complete the work.

    Be specific on what you want to be done every time they come by.

    Remove excessive tasks and make it clear between you and them the items, rooms to be cleaned up every time.

  2. Do you do background checks on all employees?

    You’ll want to have confidence in the maid service you welcome into your home every week. Employees need to respect your privacy and belongings so make sure you address that when it’s time to hire them.

    It can be scary for some to have complete strangers in their home so choose cleaning businesses that take pride in hiring great, reliable employees.


  3. Do you bring your own cleaning equipment & supplies or do I have to provide them?

    Most professional services near you do provide equipment such as rash bags, garbage can liners, spray bottles, buckets, mops, feather dusters, toilet brushes, paper towels, rags and squeegees.

    Now is the time to ask if they use eco-friendly and/or pet-friendly products, something more and more people want now. You wouldn’t believe how nasty some of these products can be.

    Some will charge a bit less if you provide your own, but that might slow them down if they’re not used to using them of if supplies run out. If you want our advice, it’s not worth it.

    So before you get the hiring going, make sure this is clear between you and them who is to provide the cleaning supplies.


  4. What guarantees do you offer?

    You should know that most professional cleaning services companies near you offer satisfaction guarantees. You can ask the new company to show you what kind of agreements they take with their new customers. You can also ask for references of people already using their services and call them. The extra time it’s going to take you is well worth it.


  5. How do you get access to my home?

    When it comes to giving access to your home or condo, you can choose to be there every time they come by or leave them a house key. The latter is more convenient for both you and the maid service. This provides more flexibility for the cleaning company and you don’t have to stay home when they visit.

    Should you leave a key to the cleaning company?
    Unless the cleaning service company doesn’t want to keep a key, you should make this arrangement. Much easier for you, much easier for them to get to your home, get it open and leave it locked. If you have an alarm system, make sure they know the code. If your alarm system lets you create separate codes, even better. Always


  6. Are you OK with pets?

    Do you have pets at home? If yes, you should always introduce all your pets to house cleaners before you hire them. You want to make sure the pets are OK with strangers, as silly as it may sound. You also need to see how the maid service employees react to pets. Not everyone is comfortable with cats and dogs and you should know right away. It’s a good thing many households own pets in your area.

    Another thing, you have to make sure they are quick on closing the doors and able to retrieve them if they get away. You do not want to lose your pets over house cleaning!   Always keep in mind you are the owner and responsible for your pets’ mess.

    Hiring pet friendly house cleaning services

    For more advanced care, you should really consider specialized pet maid services that will get your home smelling like you’ve never had a furball inside. This can come very handy when trying to sell your home.

    These services go further and provide a vast array of services: pet odor removal, bathing & grooming, litter box cleaning, spaying problem cleanups, carpet stain removal & much more. Keep in mind these specialized teams might not cover your area.


  7. Do you provide any additional services?

    After you get to speak to a few house cleaning services through Local Heroes, ask them if they provide additional services that might be of interest for you. Some companies extend to day-to-day chores like laundry, dishes and even food preparation. It depends on your needs and budget but asking is always free!

    You might want a weekly clean-up with a once-a-month outside windows cleaning, or a deep floor scrubb. Discuss all the possibilities before starting and don’t be afraid to adjust as you go, to make sure you are happy with the services provided by the cleaning company you choose.


  8. How long have you been in the cleaning service business?

    This has to be one of the most important questions of all. Time in business speaks tons in this field. Experienced house cleaners could provide a better service at better rates. On the other hand, new businesses that need to get the ball rolling might offer better promotions.


  9. How can I pay for the services?

    Most cleaning companies now prefer direct deposit or Interac transfer these days. Some still accept checks or cash but if you’re dealing with businesses, you might even be able to pay with your credit card.

How much does house cleaning services costs?

The average cost for hiring maid services can vary from city to city, home size, number of rooms, etc…

Typically, charges will go with sq. ft. or per hour.

Square footage obviously depends on the size of your home.

The larger the home, rooms, area that has to be cleaned, the pricier it gets.


Many professional cleaning companies will do the first cleanup charging by the square foot.

This helps assess the time needed to clean everything to your satisfaction, but also to be able to correctly price the recurring job.

Some cleaning companies in your area might offer discounts on weekly vs bi-weekly visits.

You can also ask to pay upfront & sign a long-term agreement to bring down costs.

This can translate in real savings on your part.

This means that, for a reasonable fee, you can prep your home for a cool party or even better, cleanup the day after without lifting a finger. Very convenient if you had too much of the good stuff.

To get a proper quote, let’s get into the details. Answer a few questions about what you have in mind and we’ll help find the best house cleaners around you.


What frequency do you need the service for?


Perfect for party or home showing when selling your house. Make your property shine, prep the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living area for the next owners! You should provide a checklist of the things you’d like cleaned in advance. Most cleaning companies will provide supplies and will require/charge a minimum amount.


Once per week house cleaning

The ultimate decision when looking to free up some time around the house every week. Then you can go ahead and bake some cookies in the oven if you feel like it but at least the house is going to be clean and you’re not going to be all stressed out.


Bi-weekly cleaning

The perfect starter kit. Get the bathrooms, floors, windows done once every two weeks and do the small stuff in between. This makes sure the house is almost always clean, and that you stay on budget. Try it, than move to weekly if you feel like it.

Monthly clean up

This one’s a bit of a stretch, plus, most cleaning companies won’t be doing monthly so keep that in mind.


When are you available?

This is one of the most important things to discuss with them as they will want to know which time is best for you: morning, afternoon or evenings?

Do you prefer to get to a clean home on a Friday evening just in time to host your friends?

You have to let them know which day of the week fits best your schedule.


What type of property do you own?

The type of property you’re looking to get cleaned will obviously affect the price.

If you own a studio, apartment or small condo, fees might be lower than a house.

The square footage is going to be smaller in general, and the number of items to be wiped clean is less.


What kind of house cleaning do you need?

When it comes to choosing the type of cleanup you want every week, choose the best for your situation.

You can opt for a regular, day-to-day chores type of cleaning that cover the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms around the house.

Take it up a notch by ordering a deep clean: rubb the stains out of your sofa, wipe your fan blades, dry out furniture stains and steam clean your furniture.

You can also ask the maid service to clean the AC filter, wipe the blinds, clean the oven filter, scrub out the oven, de-scale faucets, clean out the dryer vent and so on.

Moving out?

Cleaning your home is the second thing your shouldn’t do yourself after hiring movers to do the moving for you.

This will free up lot of time and most of all, remove a great weight from your shoulders and make the whole switching house thing amazing.


What is the square footage of your home?

The size of your home will affect the time spent and rates so make sure you know approximately before getting in touch with the house cleaners.

This is an important piece of information for the cleaning service company to give you the right quote.


How many bathrooms & bedrooms are there?

Advise on how many bathrooms and bedrooms you need cleaned every week.

Would you like a general cleaning or simply the living areas and leave some rooms on the side?

Bathrooms are probably the main reason why we want house cleaning services in the first place.


They get dirty quick and most of us hate to clean the bath or the toilet.

Those of you that have kids will know that it would be best to clean it more than once a week but we do want to enjoy the good times too right?

Specific items clean-up
Before the scheduled estimate, you should come up with questions to ask during that time and also write down your special instructions to customize your service.

Make it clear if you need some areas of you home avoided, or taken care of in a better way.

Eco-friendly & Green cleaning services

More and more cleaning businesses are choosing green & eco-friendly products.

Using green cleaning supplies is better for you, for your kids, the environment and your pets.

It prevents chemicals to lay around in your home and in the air your breathe.


Green products that use environmental friendly ingredients are offered by many house cleaning services these days.

If this is something you’d like for your home, you should be able to find a company that uses them in your area.


Pet-friendly cleaning

Have you ever wondered if the products we use to clean our homes affect the life & health of our pets?

In fact, many cleaning products are directly linked to cancer in animals so we really advise you to ask for pet-friendly products if you care for them.


Fire-damage cleaning
Fall Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Vacation Rental Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
Flood-damage emergency cleanup
Customized Cleaning Solutions

What are the items you’d like cleaned by the maid service?

We’ve made a short list of the most popular items we like to be cleaned periodically by the cleaning people to make it easy for you to list it up:

All rooms and hallways

  • Cleaning window sills and ledges
  • Spot wiping woodwork
  • Washing mirrors
  • Dusting all furniture
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Dusting/wiping shelves
  • Removing cobwebs and fingerprints
  • Dusting lower light fixtures and lamps
  • Emptying garbage
  • Tidying up
  • Making beds
  • Vacuuming the sofas/chairs tops and under cushions
  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Spot cleaning of baseboards
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Spot washing of doors and door frames.


  • Cleaning and sanitizing of:
    • Tiles, bathtubs, showers
    • Shower tracks and doors
    • Sinks, basins, toilets, bidets, vanities
    • Countertops and backsplash
  • Washing outside of cupboards
  • Cleaning window sills and ledges
  • Wiping woodwork
  • Washing mirrors
  • Dusting all furniture
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Dusting/wiping shelves
  • Removing cobwebs and fingerprints
  • Dusting all lower light fixtures and lamps
  • Spot washing doors and door frames
  • Emptying garbage
  • Tidying up
  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Cleaning of baseboards.


  • Cleaning and sanitizing (where applicable) of:
    • Sinks and fixtures
    • Countertops and backsplash
    • Outside of all small and large appliances and stovetops
    • Inside of toaster and microwave.
  • Washing outside of cupboards
  • Cleaning window sills and ledges
  • Wiping woodwork
  • Washing mirrors
  • Dusting/wiping all furniture including the table and chairs
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Dusting/wiping shelves
  • Removing cobwebs and fingerprints
  • Dusting lower light fixtures and lamps
  • Emptying garbage
  • Tidying up
  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Cleaning of baseboards
  • Spot washing doors and door frames.

Extras on request

  • Cleaning the inside of the fridge
  • Cleaning the garbage bins
  • Cleaning the inside of the oven (*)
  • Washing dishes
  • Wiping light switches and power plugs
  • Washing blinds
  • Emptying dishwasher
  • Cleaning the inside of the dishwasher
  • Changing sheets

Where do you live?

Make sure you don’t forget to let them know where you live, at least on the first occasion. It will be much easier for them to find your home in “near me” if they have your address!