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Once in a while, our regular trash can just won’t do it. Some items require special care, some are larger than what the dump truck can pick up or some are just freaking too heavy.

What do you have that you would like to be hauled away?

One of the most important things to discuss with the junk removal company “near me” you’re going to choose is precisely what you need to move away to the local waste facility. You may have furniture, appliances, electronics, scrap metal, wood, construction debris, yard waste and even hazardous waste. Many cities have precise and strict laws concerning waste disposal so make sure you are in line with them.

What is the approximate amount that you would like to be hauled away?

You need to understand and estimate the amount of volume your waste takes. Will you need a pickup truck, a cube, a container or the whole dump truck?

Are there any heavy items?

Some of the items listed above can be pretty heavy. Make sure you give a heads up to the company you’re hiring.

How many flights of stairs are at the location you are hauling junk from?

Give the guys an idea of what to expect once they show up at your door. Are there any flights of stairs or not. Is it inside, or inside? Many homes & buildings are built upright “near me”. This ensures they come prepared and can get the job done ASAP.

Do you have any junk that is longer than 6 feet?

This plays a large role in the process because the tools and vehicle you’ll need will change.

Is there anything special the junk removal company should know?

Tell more about what we might have missed. Are there any sharp objects? Is there a restrained path or room to access?

When do you need junk removed?

Make sure you specify when you need to make things happen and book your appointment accordingly.

Where should the junk removal experts show up?

Remember to give information on where the guys should show up in order to receive a proper service. This can’t be done remotely, make sure you give details.

Add photos if you can

When posting a task by clicking the link below, please make sure you insert the most pictures possible so the people reviewing your project can estimate and help you in the best manner.