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Remodeling a kitchen is a big deal, and in order to be able to choose the best kitchen remodel contractor for you home athe below questions are essential in making the best choice.

What kind of work would you like done?

Each kitchen remodel is different and the more details you provide, the better the relationship you can have with your contractor. In terms of the work to be done, some examples are: changing the countertops, adding cabinets, changing the cabinets, changing the flooring, additions to the existing kitchen, adding/changing the backsplash; add a second sink. You might also want to redo the entire kitchen.

Why are you remodeling your kitchen?

A variety of reasons can lead to a decision to remodel a kitchen, some examples are: you want to change and outdated kitchen, you want to add value to your house, get a more functional kitchen.

What is the approximate square footage of the kitchen?

The approximate square footage of the kitchen/ area to be remodeled is a big consideration in determining the price to pay.

The bigger the kitchen, the more material will be needed.

 What items will be renovated or replaced?

It is essential to let your contractor know what items are to be renovated or replaced. This can include: the number of cabinets to change, the size of the countertop to change, the number of lighting fixtures to change. This information will help the contractor calculate the price.

What is your budget?

Determining a budget is an important step in the process of remodeling your kitchen. A common tip to stick to a budget or save while remodeling your kitchen is to keep the current layout. Taking walls down, changing the electrical wiring or the plumbing will quickly eat up your budget.

Would you like to add photos of your current kitchen or inspirations for remodeling?

Adding a picture of your current kitchen will give the contracts a better idea of the size, tools required, time it can take to complete the job, therefore giving you a more realistic estimate of price and time. Also if you have ideas or inspirations it is always a good idea to share these as well, as the contractor can give you additional information on viability based on their experience.

When do you need the kitchen remodel done?

How quickly you would like the work to be completed, is it an urgent task or the work can be done in a couple of weeks/months? This is essential in order to match you with a contractor who has availability.

Approximately how old is your kitchen?

The age of the kitchen is a another important factor to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Depending on the level of remodeling required (for example: full remodel), some older components like electrical and plumbing connections can bring you surprises to the budget. Also depending on the age of the cabinets can make it more difficult to keep the current layout and sustain new cabinets.

 Anything else the kitchen remodel contractor should know?

Did we forget something? The more details, the better chances to get an exact quote from the beginning for the remodel of your kitchen.

Where do you live?

Always easier for the contractor to find your home on initial visit with your complete address.

Add photos if you can

When posting a task by clicking the link below, please make sure you insert the most pictures possible so the people reviewing your project can estimate and help you in the best manner.