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What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is the process of outlinine property lines, boundaries & components in a given parcel of land: land survey.

This practice needs to be performed by accredited land surveyors periodically.

This is how we set terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them.

This documents exists to set the boundaries between your home and your neighbors homes.

If you were thinking that line is set by your freshly cut grass or driveway pavement, think again.

Land surveyors produce a document that follows the property ownership documents.

This information is required by government or civil law, such as property sales in your city.


How do you survey your own property?

You don’t survey your own property yourself.

This is not something you can do alone without special credentials otherwise your findings will not be valid.

You must hire land survey companies.

If you’re ready to hire available land survey experts, we suggest you answer the questions above to receive requests & quotes from the best around you.


How much does land surveying cost?

Land surveying cost varies depending on the size of the lot you’re trying to assess and if the survey was done recently.

Also, even if the area is fairly small & the study was done properly last year, you must confirm no major changes were performed since then.

Survey costs typically range around $600 in your city but you need to get a custom quote to your situation.

It all depends on the size of the lot, your geographical location, and the age of the lot.

If you’re currently selling or buying a house, it is common to see land survey costs assumed by the buyer or seller depending on your transaction.


Why would you need land surveying done?

The purpose or using land surveyors in the real world is to make really sure things are where we think they are in the plans.

It’s as simple as that.

Common reasons to have land surveying done around the house is to assess boundaries in regards to:

  • Fence installation
  • Pool installation
  • Shed installation
  • Detail property lines
  • Identify the specific location of additions and improvements
  • Identify easements and utilities
  • Identify conditions and geographic features that affect the property
  • Boundary Survey
  • Cadastral Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Floodplain Survey
  • Lot Split Survey

They also help applying for building permits & take care of neighbor issues & disputes.


Who does land surveying?

As you probably already know, land surveys must be done by qualified, reputable licensed surveyors.

They work both in the field and the office to complete various tasks.

Tools used in this profession include high-end GPS systems, Robotic Total Stations, scanners and sophisticated software to map on-site boundaries and lines.

Land surveyors are vital to any residential, commercial or industrial development.

They provide key information to engineers, developers, promoters & title companies.

Land surveyors play a huge role in major real estate transactions in Canada.


Survey Certificate v. Title Insurance

Before you continue reading, it’s important you understand the core difference before a survey certificate & title insurance.

Both documents will serve different purposes and carry their cost.

Survey Certificate

A survey shows the location of the building on the property.

It details the lot boundaries, improvement locations & if both could encroach on your neighbor’s property.

This document helps the buyer & finance institution make sure they can proceed with the transfer with no worry.  

The cost of the survey may vary depending on where you’re from, the complexity of your case and the type of building you’re assessing.

We suggest you go through our system to ensure you get in touch with the best available land surveying companies around you.

Title Insurance

Title insurance transfers risk to the insurer with respect to defects in title and other defects such as encroachments


Common reasons to get land surveying done

New construction planned

Construction surveying is done to draw a list of reference points and markers on a said piece of land to guide the building of new structures.

This practice ensures every new home can be built on a solid base.

Land surveying influences the rest of the construction so you have to get this done by pros.

This is not your average “I can do it myself” task.

99.9% of the time, land surveying will be done by a new home construction entrepreneur, so don’t worry too much about this.

Just double-ch you hire out properly if you need services for a different structure.


New fencing planned

eckSurveying when building fences are very important.

This will prevent neighbors from arguing over property lines.

This is not something you should be doing yourself or your neighbor.

So protect your boundaries by first having an understanding with your neighbor.

The recommended thing to do is to place the fence on the boundaries, so you can share building & maintenance expenses while using the most space your land gives you.

Hire the best land surveyor near you to mark your property boundaries and stake the first line so you can dig the first hole right the first time.

Our advice is to do things right the first time, whether you get along with your neighbor or not.

Ask the land surveying services that reach out to you which way you should go.


Boundary or title dispute

Let’s say things were not made properly at first and you find yourself in a dispute.

If it’s too late and you already find yourself at crossroads, we suggest you get a lawyer instead.

Start by hiring a licensed surveyor near you.

If you need more information on doing so, refer the the AOLS’ website.


Selling a property

In many provinces in Canada, vendors are obligated to provide a registerable description of the land being sold.

This is the title insurance we’ve covered a few minutes ago.

This provides confidence to the buyer, allows your buyer to register the transaction.

It also enables the buyer to complete mortgage arrangement with their lender, verify the size of the property & avoid legal troubles.


Buying or refinancing a property

For the same reasons, you’ll want a survey to protect your new asset.

It gives you protection & clarifies what you just purchased.

Many provinces in Canada request an up-to-date land survey when.

Some Canadian institutions will also ask for a proper, updated survey when refinancing.

They might require your SRPR includes the lot size, setbacks, pool, fences and shed locations.

Make sure you protect your investment by making sure your survey is made by a professional land surveyor in your area.

Start here to answer a few quick questions about what you’re trying to accomplish and let us put you in touch with the experts near you.


Building a fence or addition

Always confirm you build on your own property to avoid troubles & headaches later from your neighbor or your municipality.

A misplaced extension, fence, shed, carport or driveway can lead to unwanted construction costs.


Using land surveying services when building a fence

Seeking the right boundaries will help you make the right decision when considering building a fence along the dividing line or on your own property side.

You should consult your neighbor & discuss if you will share the fence building & maintenance cost.

Also keep in mind everything you and your neighbor will do needs to be compliant with your municipality rules, standards & requirements.


Sharing your fence with the people next door

Sharing your fence with neighbors is a common practice in your city.

The pros of doing so help you share the costs of construction, installation & regular maintenance.

You must take a solid agreement, regarding the requirements, costs, and characteristics before you start.


You and your neighbor(s)

If you choose to build the fence on the dividing line, you and your neighbor will own it equally and must share the costs of construction, installation, and maintenance.

You must, however, reach an agreement with the neighbor as to the type of fence and its characteristics before it is built, and ask him or her to pay half the cost of construction.

If you cannot agree, you will have to go to court and seek an order that will determine those details.

Always seek advice from local land surveyors before digging the first hole.

If you would rather build the fence entirely on your side of the dividing line, the fence will belong entirely to you.

You must then assume the full cost of construction, and maintain it.


Insurance requirements

More and more insurance companies are starting to require an official land survey before insuring your property.

This is most likely standard procedure in your city so verify you get the best available land surveyor to help you with the questions you may have.


How large is the area that needs surveying?

Obviously, the area you have on hand will determine what type of land survey you need.

The content of the land, elevation & content will be are great complexity and price influencers.

Since most common land surveys are done around residential real estate transactions, area covered are often under 1 acre of land.

Larger properties may require a greater area to be covered but that doesn’t mean it will automatically be more expensive to perform the survey.

If you’d like to calculate your land area, use this comprehensive guide to do so (

If you find yourself in need of more detailed information, your best bet is a Canadian site called Protect your Boundaries ( Also, this Android app is pretty cool too.