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It was about time somebody built this. I found a company that was able to clean my house every week for a reasonable fee. My brother also used your website to find a reception planner for my niece’s birthday.

Jagan Suhl, Toronto

You guys made the difference between a huge insurance claim and a small pipe fix. I was able to get a few plumbers to call me really fast. I got to choose the best of them for the repair. They showed up a few hours later.

Simon Kent, Mississauga

I have used Local Heroes a few times now and I can say it makes it easy to hire someone quickly with the simple use of your smartphone. I was able to find a roofer and a guy to mow my lawn in less than a day both times.

Robert Thompson, Markham
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If you are reading this, there are good chances you’re stuck with a lawn mower that’s not mowing. You don’t have to be an expert yourself to know it sucks. It could be the spark plug, the air filter, carburetor, belt, cable, fuel line or primer bulb… who knows! At the time of writing this, my lawn mower is sitting in my garage, not starting so I feel your pain. Let’s get to it!

What kind of lawn mower do you own?

First, let’s find out which type of lawn mower you’re using these days. Is it a manual reel mower, corded electric mower, cordless electric mower, walk-behind push mower, walk-behind self-propelled mower, riding mower, lawn tractor, garden tractor, zero-radius mower or wide-cut mower?

What seems to be the problem?

Most common issues listed these days revolve around the fact that your beloved lawn mower’s engine doesn’t start. However, blades might be damaged, started rope might be broken. It might not be running smoothly or even worst, it could an electrical problem.

What is your lawn mower brand/model number?

While some brands may use the same tools & parts, it is important you know the brand of your lawn cutting device. Better yet, knowing wich model is even better so the repair experts in Toronto can help you out ASAP.

When would you like your lawn mower repaired?

Is it urgent? Are you looking to get this done as quick as possible or do you have a bit of time?

Are you willing to travel to meet the repair service/experts?

This is one of the rare occurrences where traveling a few kilometers might get you a better price. Not all companies will get to you, especially for a small or quick fix.

Anything else the repair experts should know?

If you’re looking for specialized lawn mower repair services, the more information you input, the better. Don’t hesitate to detail the most information about what’s wrong with your lawn mower.