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It was about time somebody built this. I found a company that was able to clean my house every week for a reasonable fee. My brother also used your website to find a reception planner for my niece’s birthday.

Jagan Suhl, Toronto

You guys made the difference between a huge insurance claim and a small pipe fix. I was able to get a few plumbers to call me really fast. I got to choose the best of them for the repair. They showed up a few hours later.

Simon Kent, Mississauga

I have used Local Heroes a few times now and I can say it makes it easy to hire someone quickly with the simple use of your smartphone. I was able to find a roofer and a guy to mow my lawn in less than a day both times.

Robert Thompson, Markham
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Having to request a plumber to show up at your home or business is usually not good news. We’re here to make it less painful. Since water is running through most rooms in your house or condo, it has a great impact on many important features you need every day: cooking, cleaning, washing & watering.

Is this an urgent need?

Are you in need or urgent repairs? Your town is full of available plumbers to help you with your plumbing issue. If it’s urgent, make sure you let us and your plumber know.

If it’s urgent, is there any flooding?

Is there flooding happening in your home? Water infiltration and broken/cracked pipes can do a great deal of damage so make sure you get everything fixed as soon as possible.

What feature/unit needs to be repaired?

Drains, pipes, faucets, showers, bathtubs, dishwashers and washers are the usual culprits in a home. Make sure the initial installation is done by an expert to prevent future headaches. While it may be tempting to do everything yourself, leave the water powered units to professionals.

What room is impacted?

Most common areas will be the kitchen and bathrooms. But water infiltration can hit in the basement, laundry room, near the sewer or main drain and also outside.

What seems to be the problem?

Many things can go wrong in your home: clogging, slow draining, leaking, gurgling and unpleasant odors can occur.

When did this issue start to occur?

Did this just happen? Have you been experiencing this issue for a while? Either way, make sure you don’t wait for it to get worst and send a plumber your way today.

What type of property is this issue located in?

Are you living in a House, Townhouse, Condo, Appartement, Multi-Unit Building or Office? The building configuration can make the plumber’s life easy or hard as they come to fix your issue. Make sure you give them more details than needed prior to their visit to ensure a quicker repair.

Do you own or rent the property?

Are you the current owner of the property, property manager or are you renting?

When do you want/need the plumber to come to your place?

If this is urgent, please let your plumber know which time you’d like them to show up. If you’re flexible, you can also schedule an appointment during the week or weekend