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Posted on July 1, 2019


Project Description

I am looking for someone to capture professional photography of a medical professional, specifically an optometrist (eye doctor) on site, at their medical practice in Scarborough, ON. The shoot will likely require a maximum of two hours, anywhere between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm and will need to include:

– photography of doctor

– photography of the practice

– high-res photos (original files)

– 5-10 photos with simple post-production using a program like Adobe Lightroom

We do not need:

– Pre-production: ​what we mean by this is that our full-time employee, specifically our Client Marketing Coordinator, will plan everything from shoot times, building access, production briefs, calendar invites, print outs, any props needed, locking down participants, and providing general direction and client requests/client communication. This individual will be your direct connection and will be responsible for handling any requests that you need.

– Creative Concepts: ​We will work directly with the client to dream up creative concepts and bring to life their requests. We would like to work with you to understand what is possible prior to finalizing items with the client.

– Backdrop: ​Photography will take place inside a medical practice and we’ll need to work with what we have available to us.

When submitting your proposal, the bare minimum we need to understand is:

1. Pricing: ​What does pricing look like from a high level and what is included.

2. Background on your company: ​Who are you and what is your company? Also, what track

record do you have in this space?

3. Examples: ​Please include any samples of work you find most applicable to our use case.

4. Limitations and Backup Plan If You Can’t Attend​: Are there any dates you’re not capable

of shooting?

5. Point of contact: ​What is your best contact information?

6. Anything else: ​Please feel free to include any other supporting information, data, metrics,

or materials that help us to better understand your company and service.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.



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