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Window Cleaning Services

Many window cleaning services have different prices because a number of variables can affect the final amount.
You have windows so that you can look outside. When you can no longer tell the windows from the walls, it’s time to think about window cleaning!
Let’s face it: No one likes to wash windows. And if your house is two stories or taller, making your glass gleam again can be dangerous. That’s why it may be a good idea to hire a professional window cleaner.

Which window cleaning service(s) would you like?

There are multiple types of cleaning that cleaning services can provide around you. It can be cleaning the inside or outside of the windows or cleaning the windows screening or simply the tracks

It can be cleaning the inside or outside of the windows or cleaning the windows screening or simply the tracks.

The more specific you are the more accurate quote you will get.


What types of windows would you like cleaned?

If you would like the best quote, you need to provide some details of the type of the windows to clean.

Each type of window can have a different price to clean.

If you have Windows with grids or without or Sliding glass doors or also, Skylights it’s important to mention it

What type of property do you have and how many stories?

When you request a quote for window cleaning it’s important for the cleaners to know what type of property it is.  The cost of window work on the first and second floors of a home is generally the same, but additional floors can cost a little bit more for every window.Also mentioning the type of home like it’s a simple Home or Multi-unit buildingOffice / businessCommercial will give a good idea of the necessary workload

How many windows would you like cleaned?

Providing the number of windows to clean is very important so you are sure to get the most accurate quote in your town.

Obviously, there is a big difference between cleaning all the windows of a condo building and the windows of a  small home. That’s why mentioning the number of windows will help.

When do you need window cleaning?

Are you looking for an urgent job or you have a specific date in mind window cleaners can accommodate you just mention it!

Anything else the window cleaner should know?

Are your windows damaged? do you have any scratches, cracks or broken mechanism…?

To make sure you have a smooth transaction and also the best service, it’s important to make the window cleaners aware of all damages before their visit.